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$ 1.99 per months medications or $5.99 per 3 month

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CBD online store and coupons 

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FREE Blood Sugar Machine($20 value) with 100 strips purchase of $ 25

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Let us introduce ourselves

A few words about us

TED pharmacy is an independent community pharmacy concerned of patient health and affordability of medications to everybody, with the medication’s prices are high and not affordable of feasible to so many people, TED pharmacy committed to keep the prices of medications and pharmacy related healthcare services as convenient as possible to all people with low income or limited resources.

From that initiative we have different services and medications pricing list under the $1.99 per month medication list to offer the medications to everybody with the lowest price possible,

Also, so many patients have insurance, insurance does not cover a lot of their mostly needed medications either Brand names or generics, either commercial insurance or Medicare plans have a lot of exceptions of non-formulary or not covered drugs, other Insurance plans cover the medications, but they have a high deductible amount must be paid by the patient.

All these actual daily situations lead to one fact which is patient must pay out of pocket for their needed medications, insulin, or diabetes supplies, this is where our role as a community caring pharmacy comes.

Our out-of-pocket pricing list and future toll can provide you with the best price guaranteed in the market for generic medications, or Brand name expensive drugs can be dramatically reduced in price by offered manufacturer coupons (check the Coupon and prior-authorizations page ) or our dedicated pharmacist can discuss other affordable or insurance covered options with the patient healthcare provider.

25 Million $

Research Budget


Patients healed

212 Doctors

working for you

125 Years

of experience